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How to control ServerU PLCM device your self.
Posted by Patrick Tracanelli on 30/Nov 14:37

ServerU Netmap series offer a nice useful and fully customizable PLCM (Parallel Liquid Cristal Module) and 4-button keypad. While the hardware is there, ready to be used, some systems may need a device driver if it’s not recognized on probe time by the operating system. Many Linux and BSD systems may recognize it natively and we have had success feedbacks of people running different LCD daemons, including the popular LCDproc.

However if you need to customize it yourself, we offer an LCM utility and device driver. Please in the first place remember to read the following official article:

And to use the supplied LCM utility and kernel module, which can be used as a base program for your own customized LCM daemon or script (since full source code is available) please get it here for both BSD and Linux:


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